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Love is the Killer App

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Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders


"Those of us who use love as a point of differenetation in business will separate ourselves from our competitors just as world-class distance runners separate themselves from the rest of the pack trailing behind them."


Definition of love by Milton Mayeroff: "Love is the selfless promotion of the growth of the other."


What's love in the business world? "The act of intelligently and sensibly sharing your intangibles with your bizpartners."


What are our intangibles? Our knowledge, our network, and our compassion.


Six benefits for every potential lovecat:



  1. You build an outstanding brand as a person - "be distinct or be extinct"
  2. You create an experinece - "When you represent knowledge, oportunity, selflessness, and intimacy, you are not just a service provider or a product. You are fun, you are interesting, you are valuable; you take people places they have never been before, you show them books they have never heard of, you introduce them to people they never dreamed they would meet -- in short, you are the equivalent of a human theme park."
  3. You have access to people's attention.
  4. You harness the power of position presumption -- Because lovecats build relationshipos with a deep level of trust, people will presume our arguments are correct, our recommnedations are solid, our referrals are valuable.
  5. You receive exceptional feedback
  6. You gain personal satisfaction.



HOw do you become a lovecat? Increase your knowledge, expand your network, and share your compassion (in order).




Knowledge is consequential. It's the social currency. You should aggregate wisdom. "You're not just handing out some weight-loss hint or a workout tip or a recipe for a great tasting low-fat cake. You're giving someone the knowledge edge that can advance a career. You're becoming a theory-slinging, expert-quoting, knowledge-throwing lovecat, and that's what makes you stand out from the pack, and that's why others keep calling on you."


How do you increase knowledge? Read books. 80/20 rule -- 80% on books, 20% on magazines. Four step program to acquire knowledge intelligently:

1. Aggregation -- get books

2. Encoding -- digest it intelligently and regularly

3. Processing -- take notes, write reviews

4. Application -- share with others. Own the Big Thought of the book. Discuss it w/ others.




(A weak section). Fuse the connection and then get out of the way.




"There is a tremendous opportunity for your compassion to make a difference in how people view you, and how they view themselves...By expression compassion, you create an experience that people remember."


Hug people

Touch, if they liked to be touched

If you believe it, say to "how are you?" "I'm doing okay if you're doing okay."


Expression compassion is a two part process: sensing and expressing.

Sensing is intuively feeling out someone's emotions...notice body language and express compassion verbally if timing is right.


Look someone directly in the eye. Eyes are the "silent tongues of love."


Say "love" instead of "hate". Instead of, "I hate when these sheets are out of order," say, "I love when these sheets are in order."


Conclusion: Nice, smart people succeed.

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