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The purpose of this wiki is to allow readers to contribute to a community repository of book outlines. Whether you're here because you're too cheap to pay for Cliffs Notes, or because you want to be able to better remember your favorite books, welcome.


Feel free to add your own outlines, or to update the existing ones. As always, exercise good judgment and be a good citizen.


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If you prefer more narrative summaries to outlines, or you just want to check out an alternate resource, also provides community-generated book summaries, with a much greater emphasis on classic and popular fiction.








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Editor's Picks


Act One The greatest book ever written on the creative process, and an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere. The fact that it is a memoir of a Broadway playwright is no barrier to its applicability.
Learned Optimism Happiness is one of the most important things in life. Here's how you can get it.

Small Giants

Inspirational stories of great companies that realized that size isn't everything. Good lessons for even the largest conglomerate.
The 33 Strategies of War Military strategy's greatest hits, with examples ranging from Napoleon to Alfred Hitchcock.
Why Men Marry Some Women And Not Others A must-read for any single woman who wants to get married. An eye-opener for men as well.
Entrepreneur's Manual A guide on how to start a company.