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Blink The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

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by Malcolm Gladwell


Copyright 2005 by Malcolm Gladwell



     The Statue that Didn't Look Right


J. Paul Getty Museum in California approached by art dealer with a marble statue from the 6th Century B.C., a kouros, for $10 million. Only 200 in existence,



     The Theory of Thin Slices: How a Little Bit of Knowledge Goes a Long Way



     The Locked Door: The Secret Life of Snap Decisions



     The Warren Harding Error: Why We Fall for Tall, Dark, and Handsome Men



     Paul Van Riper's Big Victory: Creating Structure for Spontaneity



     Kenna's Dilemma: The Right - and Wrong - Way to Ask People What They Want



     Seven Seconds in the Bronx: The Delicate Art of Mind Reading



     Listening with Your Eyes: The Lessons of Blink




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